About us

The activities of VIPLAST SERVICE OÜ company began more than 10 years ago and are associated with the supply of materials used as raw materials in the cable industry, including components for the production of power and high-voltage cables, optical fibre cables and communication cables, as well as other types of cables for general and specialized applications .

Our clients include most of the large cable manufacturers in Northern and Eastern Europe, as well as the CIS countries.
We have been working in the cable business for many years and are the official distributor of cable materials on the international market.
We have a large stock of ready-to-ship materials located in our warehouse in Tallinn (Estonia).

The main products that we offer for supply:

— Polyethylene compounds for insulation and jacketing of power cables,
— Waterproofing tapes and yarns for power and  optical fibre cables,
— Polyethylene compounds for telecommunications and  optical fibre cables,
— PBT and cable filling and flooding jellies (hydrophobic) for  optical fibre cables,
— (FRP) glass fiber plastic rods and (ARP) Aramide rods for  optical fibre cables;
— Steel tape for  optical fibre cables.

All materials are of high quality and approved by many cable manufacturers in the EU and around the world. The supplied products have all the necessary international certificates.